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Feel free to add me :)

Feel free to add me 🙂


football fans scared shit out of me. it’s so fucking unpredictable when r they gonna scream and jump in the middle of the street. 
i live in moscow so i had a “pleasure” to watch the opening of fifa 2018 and so will be with the closing.
nah it’s pretty amazing how many foreigners are in moscow/russia rn, but man… i hate all sports events so much gosh


so i’m wondering is it ok to post photos with ma face only (w/o knee socks and other shit) or it will be


watcha thinkin’?


Also i noticed that my photos somehow get more notes than other content. It’s astonishing. Because I am not fully satisfied with my photos and each time when i post i kinda feel guilty hahah

So your support now is everything to me. Thank you a lot, you guys give me moral strength to keep going :))


So a lil bit about activity level.

Now it’s about 25 followers per day and 450-500 notes per day.

And I need to increase it to 100 f/d and 1000 n/d. It was the old activity. And in my plans i want to get better stats.
So welcome to my blog, feel free to reblog and show it to your friends! 😀

for newebies

if you were wondering –

High socks, high standards 2018-03-20 18:26:39


I kind of came back, i guess. Since i’m an unemployed and bored I want to do something what i’m good at. And i’m good at finding cute pictures with knee socks hahahah
So go ahead and spread the news 😀 Also i’m waiting for good submissions from girls. 

Love y’all


support my blog <3

You know what to do! 😀

But only if you want 🙂

You know what’s crazy? It’s the 5th of june and temperature here is 12 degrees (Celsius). And we had…

You know what’s crazy? It’s the 5th of june and temperature here is 12 degrees (Celsius). And we had had snow in 2th of june. SNOW. IN JUNE. THE FUCK IS THAT.
Well, yeah i live in russia, but not all russia is so cold. Moscow is warm in summer. Usually about 20-25 degrees. But what’s happened this time?