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So i’ve got myself a new ig account with my legs only

UPD aaand it’s gone bc instagram doesn’t let me post anything. i’m trying to fix everything


So since i’ve got some new followers, I thought maybe it’s time to answer some obvious and non-obvious questions that you might have?
Since I’m too lazy to chat with everyone, I can collect a few questions and answer all at once. Either in the video or in the text, depending on how many questions there will be 🙂 

whatcha think?

Feel free to add me :)

Feel free to add me 🙂


football fans scared shit out of me. it’s so fucking unpredictable when r they gonna scream and jump in the middle of the street. 
i live in moscow so i had a “pleasure” to watch the opening of fifa 2018 and so will be with the closing.
nah it’s pretty amazing how many foreigners are in moscow/russia rn, but man… i hate all sports events so much gosh


so i’m wondering is it ok to post photos with ma face only (w/o knee socks and other shit) or it will be


watcha thinkin’?


Also i noticed that my photos somehow get more notes than other content. It’s astonishing. Because I am not fully satisfied with my photos and each time when i post i kinda feel guilty hahah

So your support now is everything to me. Thank you a lot, you guys give me moral strength to keep going :))


So a lil bit about activity level.

Now it’s about 25 followers per day and 450-500 notes per day.

And I need to increase it to 100 f/d and 1000 n/d. It was the old activity. And in my plans i want to get better stats.
So welcome to my blog, feel free to reblog and show it to your friends! 😀

for newebies

if you were wondering –

High socks, high standards 2018-03-20 18:26:39


I kind of came back, i guess. Since i’m an unemployed and bored I want to do something what i’m good at. And i’m good at finding cute pictures with knee socks hahahah
So go ahead and spread the news 😀 Also i’m waiting for good submissions from girls. 

Love y’all